‘’Your breath is the voice of your Soul’'

Breath work

A new experience

In… and out… Breathing is the most important thing we do, day in and day out. Without our breathing, we cannot live. But breathing is more than that. It connects us to everything around us. We can use it to influence our mood, thoughts and emotions. Breathing well provides peace and relaxation in the moments you need it. But how do you do that, breathe properly? During the breathwork sessions you learn to become aware of your breathing. Together we go on a journey of discovery. You gain insight into your breathing, even in stressful situations or strenuous activities.

Awareness brings balance

How do you breathe and why do you do it that way? By being aware of your breathing and experimenting with it, you get to know yourself better. With breathwork you learn how breathing makes a valuable contribution to your enjoyment of life and your daily challenges. Experience the peace, relaxation, overview and satisfaction that good breathing brings you. 

What does "breathwork" do?

During the breathing ceremony, we look for emotional blockages that you have consciously and unconsciously stored. We create space and relief to release the stress stuck in your body. 

What is your course?

During the ceremony we work with intentions. Why are you here? What can you let go of or do you want to embrace? Think of it as a kind of direction for yourself. Like you fill in an address in Google Maps before you drive to a new destination, intentions help you to find your path. You get ‘tools’ in your hands that you can apply in daily life. 

How does "breathwork" work?

To prepare for the breathwork, we drink cocoa together beforehand. In addition to being rich in minerals, vitamins and antioxidants, cocoa increases blood flow and releases endorphins.
It opens our hearts and helps in making a deeper connection. We start the ceremony with meditation, visualization and cleansing ourselves with sage and Palo Santo. Then a deep relaxation takes you from the parasympathetic nervous system (the place where we recharge and unwind) to active connected breathing. This is how we activate the sympathetic nervous system. We create the space to feel and release what no longer serves us. To then go all the way back to relaxation.

After the active breathwork there is time for integration, rest and sharing your experiences.

Curious to know more?

This inner journey goes back to the basics, to a deep connection with yourself, to your true self. It is the place where you find acceptance, and strength. Are you curious what breathwork can do for you? You can book one or more sessions with ROELIES (one-on-one or in groups, whatever you prefer). Send an email to or call 06 13 53 55 51. Also if you have any questions, please contact us. 

Roelies Breathwork

Breathwork Ceremony

€ 95,00

Duration: 120 minutes

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