Senior Friend Finder visitorsDid Abraham Lie (Again) When he Named Sarah Their 50 % of-Aunt?

Did Abraham Lie (Again) When he Named Sarah Their 50 % of-Aunt?

Did Abraham Lie (Again) When he Named Sarah Their 50 % of-Aunt?

In Genesis 12 and you can Genesis 20 a sojourning, frightened, and you can self-sustaining Abraham cravings his girlfriend Sarah so you’re able to rest and you may state she are his aunt.

I did it just like the I thought, There’s no anxiety about Jesus whatsoever within this place, and they’re going to kill myself because of my spouse. (Gen. )

Yet Abraham has been caught one minute time in his lay. The actual situation out-of their matrimony to Sarah could have been revealed, and he won’t become killed. So he’s zero real desire so you’re able to sit throughout the being 1 / 2 of-aunt to Sarah.

Terah took his boy Abram and his awesome grandson Parcel guy away from Haran, along with his d’s spouse, and additionally they went with her out-of Ur of one’s Chaldeans to enter the house out-of Canaan; but when it stumbled on Haran, it settled truth be told there.

Abraham has just said that Sarah try Terah’s daughter because of the some other mommy. Nevertheless when Genesis raises Sarah (upcoming Sarai) when considering Terah, it claims “his d try telling the point that Sarah are Terah’s girl, you are going to i not be expectant of what to own said therefore within the Genesis ? As an alternative, this woman is only “d’s girlfriend.” Maybe not “girl.”

It undoubtedly might be a quarrel off silence-arguing to own a state just because a text will not say something. That is essentially is avoided, but meanwhile it appears to be superior one inside the Sarai’s link to Terah, the lady getting their child isn’t stated.

  1. Abraham are sleeping in the Sarah getting his 50 % of-cousin.
  2. The fresh biblical text contradicts alone.
  3. Abraham was advising the situation additionally the biblical text isn’t inconsistent, but selective (if the oddly so) with what it says.

Into theological, evidential, and other foundation, Really don’t accept that Scripture contradicts in itself. (Discover a blog post for the next go out!)

How is it possible that the genealogy within the Genesis 11 mentions Sarai just like the child-in-rules and just misses the opportunity to pick the girl and additionally as daughter to Terah? Yes, but that appears unexpected, considering how detail by detail most other Genesis genealogies is actually which have nearest and dearest.

We ending, next, in the event the tentatively, you to definitely Abraham was lying once more in claiming Sarah because the 50 % of-sis. He has absolutely nothing motivation so you can (save deal with?), however, their untrustworthiness from inside the stating the lady just like the complete brother (to store their own lifetime!) means their dependability on this subject point is actually attempt.

Surprisingly, that have questioned regarding it in my discovering currently, they took regarding the ten commentaries before At long last discovered the one that was available to the chance that Abraham continues to sit. (I was amazed at exactly how many commentators simply take Abraham’s “half-sister” claim for the Genesis from the par value.) We have found Victor P. Hamilton on the question:

Abraham now proceeds to share with Abimelech a touch of friends biography. The guy reminds the newest king you to Sarah is indeed his 50 % of-sister, to possess she and you may Abraham have a similar father, although not a similar mom. But Gen. ff., where one could anticipate to select the specifics of so it kinship, provides zero family history to have Sarah. She is never mentioned around given that d didn’t voluntary this information before, as he first came to Gerar. Got the guy already been sincere about their problem, however possess spared Sarah and you can themselves numerous guilt, and you can Abimelech a great amount of shame. But, the author is why area.

Hamilton and i also you are going to one another getting wrong within wonderings, but We pick zero compelling need to think Abraham’s realize-right up say that Sarah are his half-cousin.


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